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     Rev. Bruce W. Evans, Pastor
    Janet Farmer, Church Secretary
    Janie Reeves, Music Director
    Pam Elkins, Keyboardist
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Former Pastors
Church History
Founded September 6, 1839

1st Pastor – William McGee

Charter Members Were
John Smith
Elisha Dyar
Sampson Bobo
Henry Brown
Sarah Dyar
Kiziah Smith
Elizabeth Bobo
Margaret Smith
Mary Brown
Sarah Harrison
Elizabeth Reed
Rhoda Reed
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... William McGee
... Amaziah Rice
... Samuel M. Fant
... Henry M. Barton
... William Rabun Goss
... J. R. Hunnicutt
... Samuel B. Sanders
... John Thomas Walter Vernon

... David Simmons
... Thomas Dawson
... Benjamin Thornton
... M. Mike McGee
... Asa Avery
... W. H. King
... F. M. Estes
... T. R. Wright
... Thomas A. Thornton
... Julius Richard Earle
... Norris Garrison Wright
... J. T. Lawrence
... John B. Saylors
... Lewis Monroe Smith
... L. T. Weldon
... Samuel Isbel
... Lemuel W. Tribble
... John Jay Henderson
... Fred Fowler
... Claude Stovall
... Daniel Ralph Hall
... Fred Milton Davis
... Fitzhugh Sanders
... Cothie Coldon King
... Wade Hale
... John Wright
... Moody Estes
... Roy Davis
... Thomas Barker, Sr.
... Hugh McAlister
... James Blue
... Homer Cox
... Jimmy Marshall
... Julien M. Crowe
... Bruce W. Evans

God's Plan of Salvation:
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Baptist Faith & Message:
Andersonville was a small town founded in 1801 and named for General Robert Anderson. Andersonville Baptist Church was founded there in 1839 with 12 members as listed.
The town of Andersonville consisted of a flour and grist mill, cotton gin, iron foundry, girls’ college, two small mills making woolen and cotton materials, a livery stable, a shoe shop, a tailor shop, a blacksmith shop, a clock shop, a drug store, post office, and a number of residences.

In 1840, the town of Andersonville was destroyed by flood. It was rebuilt and destroyed again in 1852 and never rebuilt.

Baptisms in the olden days were held in the nearby Tugaloo River. Many of the pastors and members of Andersonville Baptist Church were from Georgia and had to cross the Tugaloo River on the Andersonville Ferry to attend church services.

Proof that our church has an old history is noted by the markings of old graves in our church cemetery. Among the graves in the old Andersonville cemetery was the grave of Mrs. Jessie Mercer, wife of the Rev. Jessie Mercer, founder of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Mrs. Mercer died while visiting the small town of Andersonville. The old graves were moved by the U.S. government to our present church site due to the building of Hartwell Dam which also caused Andersonville Baptist Church to relocate.

On Sunday, April 28, 1956, the members voted to purchase three acres of land from Mr. Will Loskoski, which is our present site. Members held their last service in the old church on Sunday, October 14, 1956. Guest speakers for this service were former pastors, Rev. John Wright and Rev. Fred Fowler, with the pastor, Rev. Moody Estes, bringing the farewell message. When the old building was torn down, the members discovered it had been put together with wooden pegs.

Rev. Moody Estes was pastor when Andersonville moved from the old location to its present site. Now deceased, Rev. Estes was the father of Gwen McLeese who was our pianist for over 25 years.

The old sanctuary that stands now was formerly the Shirley Grove Pentecostal Holiness Church. It was a brick building and was located about 1/2 mile down the road. Andersonville members purchased the building, and had it moved. The building still stands today and was renovated into a nursery and children’s department.

When our church membership had grown to 221, under the leadership of the Rev. Hugh McAlister, ground was broken for our present sanctuary on Sunday, February 10, 1972. The new building was completed in July of that year. This was the 4th sanctuary.

On March 15, 1987, under the leadership of the Rev. Julien Crowe, ground was broken for an addition to the back of the sanctuary, consisting of two stories, 30x60 feet; for Sunday school classes on the top floor and a fellowship hall on the bottom floor.

On November 12, 1995, the church voted to support Rev. Eddie Salas, a Philippine Native, in full-time work in the Philippines. Since that time, Rev. Salas has planted seven daughter churches there.

On May 3, 1998, under the leadership of the Rev. Bruce Evans, ground was broken for our current 8400 square foot multipurpose building which consist of a gym and fellowship area, Sunday school classes upstairs and downstairs, along with a kitchen, handicapped rest rooms, and storage room. The multipurpose building was dedicated to the Lord on March 7, 1999, and the mortgage was burned in less than four years.

Plans are now being made to renovate and remodel our sanctuary that was completed in July of 1972. Come and Grow With Us!

The arm at Andersonville Baptist Church of Christ met on Friday before the second Lord’s Day in September 1839. Ministers present, William McGee and David Simmons. After preaching by Brother William McGee, proceeded to business.
First, appointed William McGee as Moderator and H. M. Barton as Clerk.
Read and received the letters of the joint members composing the arm from Double Springs.
Second, called for letters, at which time Edward Carter presented a letter for himself and his wife for privilege to unite themselves with the arm at Andersonville, which was received.
Third, Brothers McGee and Simmons formed a Presbytery and after having examined members composing and having found them, hereby constitute them a church of the Baptist faith and order, by the name of the Baptist Church of Andersonville.
Certified this Sixth Day of September, Eighteen Hundred and Thirty-nine.

Constitution of Andersonville
Baptist Church of Christ
Year of 1839
William McGee, Moderator
H. M. Barton, Clerk
(From Original Minutes)
Baptist Church
6902 Dobbins Bridge Road
Anderson, SC 29626
Phone: (864) 225-8401
Rev. Bruce W. Evans, Pastor
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